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November 5, 2019 19:00 - 22:00
Wickham Community Centre
Phone:01329 833 688
Address: Wickham Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, PO17 5AL

Waltham Chase Aeromodellers, in association with South Hants Indoor Flyers, are pleased to
announce the continuation of the Indoor F/F Meetings held at the Main Hall at Wickham
Community Centre, Mill Lane, Wickham, Hants PO17 5AL. These meetings will be held on the
following dates:
Tuesday, 1st. October 2019
Tuesday, 5th. November 2019
Tuesday, 3rd. December 2019
Tuesday, 7th. January 2020
Tuesday, 4th. February 2020
Tuesday, 3rd. March 2020
Tuesday, 7th. April 2020
Tuesday, 5th. May 2020
Tuesday, 2nd. June 2020
Tuesday, 7th. July 2020
All meetings will run from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. The Main Hall at Wickham Community Centre
is particularly suitable for indoor free flight models of all types, with a ceiling free of obstructions.
Tables and chairs will be available in the hall, the organisers are always grateful for assistance with
moving furniture. A hot drinks machine is available on site.
Admission to the meetings will be £5 for fliers and £1 for spectators, whilst accompanied children
will be admitted free. Junior fliers will be charged as adult spectators. Fliers will be required to
show proof of insurance.
No R/C models may be flown at these events.
Flitehook, who carry a large stock of indoor models and accessories, will attend many of the
Waltham Chase Aeromodellers look forward to welcoming all indoor F/F fliers to these events.
For further details please contact:
Alan Wallington, “Wrenbeck”, Bull Lane, Waltham Chase, Southampton, Hants.
(Tel. 01489 895157)
or see our web site: